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Restore Data from Corrupt Excel and Word Documents

It is sometimes not possible to load Excel or Word documents into Microsoft Office or alternative Office programs due to corruption. The only option available at this point is to open ...

Manage System Restore from the command line

System Restore is a handy backup feature that Microsoft has integrated into newer versions of the Windows operating system. The feature basically creates copies of files before system ...

[Change] How often File History saves copies of files in Windows 8

File History is one of those new features in Windows 8 that I’m excited about. It is an opt-in feature unfortunately that may be overlooked by the majority of Windows 8 users ...

Windows 8 Built-in File Backup [Awesome Feature]

There is perhaps no more important thing for users to do than backup their files.  Hard drive crashes can happen unexpectedly and the risk of losing important and irreplaceable files ...

[How to] Directly Publish To Your Blog from MS Word 2013013

Microsoft recently rolled out the first public release of Office 2013, formerly known by the code name “Office 15″.  While many things are still similar to the previous ...

Use Windows 7 Backup to Schedule File Backups

Backing up your work is essential. Many of us keep important documents on our computers that include work files, pictures of the kids, insurance documents, even bank statements. Many ...
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