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Subdownloader – Download Subtitles For All Your Movies

Subdownloader is a Free Open Source tool written in PYTHON for automatic download/upload subtitles for video files (DIVX, MPEG, AVI, etc) and DVD’s using fast hashing. Subdownloader ...

Best Tips for How to Recover Broken Downloads

Even if the speed of our internet connection is constantly increasing, there are still moments when it goes down, or when some other problems appear and our downloads suffer from this. ...
driver update

How to Update System Drivers Automatically

Everyone who had to reinstall their OS in the past (and if you run Windows, you’ve done this plenty of times) knows that the biggest pain is to reinstall all the kits and drivers ...

[Ultimate Guide] How to Protect Your Online Cloud Storage Accounts

As we have witnessed in the past couple of years, a new trend is emerging on the Internet: Cloud Computing. This Internet service is offered by many well known companies on the web ...

[Ultimate Guide] How to Get 375 GB free online Cloud Storage

If you’ve been living under a rock or hidden inside a cave or just not giving a damn on where technology is heading, and then cloud storage may sound to you like some noisy brouhaha. ...

3 Easy Ways to Take a Screenshot of an Entire Web Page

Whenever I try to take a screenshot of an entire web page by using PicPick, it doesn’t work smoothly and I don’t get the exact image that I want. In this post, I will be talking ...
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